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Lumbar Canal Stenosis

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Counted as one of the serious and disturbing problem of back pain, lumbar canal stenosis is a progressive condition charaterise by narrowing of lateral and central vertebral canals that leads to compression or ischeamia or both of the lumbrosacral nerve roots.

These compressions are brought about by osteoarthritic thickening of the articulating facets joints, ligamentum flavum hypertrophy and/or intervertebral discs bulging.

Lumbar canal stenosis has a cardinal feature i.e. neurologenic cluadication better described as limping or cramping pain radiating to the legs while walking.Experinced mostly in elderly the pain increases on walking, long standing.

It is obsereved under studies that during lumbar extension the mechanical compression brought at nervous and vascular structures brings the neurological claudication.

The treatment falls under four phases.
1. Patient education
2. Manual therapy
3. Exercise therapy
4. Aerobic therapy

It requieres a customised and indivisualised exercises programme such as static cycling, spinal mobility, lumbar flexion exercises, core strengthening , hip strengtheniing and hip mobility. Such customised programme can be plan individually at joint efforts physiotherapy clinic, noida.

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